A time of reflection.

Staring in the pond of the year that has almost passed

I see leaves falling from their glory in the autumn

naked trees shivering in the winter

flowers blooming on their branches in the spring

and the silhouette of my silent companion

my shadow

cooling in the summer sun.

Later tonight at the 11th hour,

my shadow will be trampled underfoot by family and friends on the porch

hoping for a happy new year

and will wonder where I will lead him

in the year that is approaching.

He too wishes for happiness

but is mindful of the slings and arrows

of life that will again strike us down.

I will keep reminding him

of the love of God’s impenetrable will

and take him to a silent corner to pray

and the moment we say ‘Amen’

a chrysanthemum of light will explode overhead

and its beauty will be so inspiring

that we will resolve to continue

to strike our swords in the darkness

for another year

or for as long as we have breath

in our lungs.